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Company introduction:

Mei Pai furniture is a domestic famous home enterprise integrating product research and development, design, manufacture, sales and system service. With advanced equipment, scientific management mechanism, mature production process, perfect customer service service system and a number of sets of management, design, marketing and production of professional talents, and perfect product quality service to our customers at home and abroad; the products are exported to Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia the Middle East and other more than 30 countries and regions.

The factory is located in the industrial city of Guangdong in Foshan, is now operating a cabinet series, wardrobe series, furniture series; adopt environmental standards in line with national green sheet, and into the practical western design concept and Chinese Home Furnishing, for our customers to create customized, personality, fashion, warm and comfortable Home Furnishing culture.

Partners have egger plate, red cotton plate, Lushuihe plate; mesa material partners Huaxun quartz stone, Spain Sally stone; engineering partner with Hengda Real estate, urban construction real estate, Julong estate; electrical partners have FOTILE, SIEMENS, Vatti, Midea and Haier; hardware partners, Blum Jomoo, weiwanshi etc..


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